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Business Process

If quality, efficiency or delivery lead times are an issue we can help. This may mean streamlining ‘As Is’ or specifying a new ‘To Be’ for the organisation. It may involve changing systems, manual or IT, rationalising processes and workflows or adopting lean thinking in the office or factory.

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Low Cost Sourcing

If material costs are too high then consider re-sourcing to a low cost country or even assembling there to make use of lower labour rates. We can provide approved suppliers, the logistics and quality control expertise to make this a real solution. In China we can even help you create your own foreign enterprise

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Project management

Managing change can be underestimated and key projects in new IT systems, plant moves or just new and better ways of working all need focus to get it right. Good team work, agreed milestones and strong project leaders are key success factors. We can manage this journey and deliver positive change.

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