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Profile of Ian Burrows

New House is a Company founded by Ian Burrows. Originally Honours Degree qualified as a Metallurgist his wealth of business experience started in the Steel industry, progressing to Train manufacture and assembly, to IT and general manufacturing Operations within the wide area of Mobility solutions.  On his journey he has held a variety of Directorships during his professional and distinguished career. Majoring in Operational roles in manufacturing, sourcing, project management and IT, he has also been a Managing Director twice and a director in Marketing and Product Development.

It is through Ian’s rounded career and large number of contacts some of who are ex-colleagues and many of who are high quality suppliers around the world, that he is able to deliver on his service offering in the form of New House Consultancy Services. So with contacts, networks and alliances in the UK and Asia, New House CS is bigger than you may think and could help your business improve quality, reduce costs and shorten delivery times.

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Ian Burrows

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